Stadium - White & White Fleece


Cut in the our Stadium style for show jumping, the cotton quilting is high quality and durable. With the new feature of spine free, the sheepskin lining uses the highest quality Australia fleece. Protective patches are on the saddle pad, to prevent wear from the girth.


Measurements are as follows

Spine 53cm (Inside Fleece 38cm)

Overall Flap Width 70cm (Allowing for and including the forward cut)

Drop of Flap 50cm

Between Sheepskin Rolls over back 32cm

**Please note we never advise dark tones of fleece for use on light coloured horses, sweat and wear can leach the dyes and nobody wants a purple backed equine!**


  • Allow to dry and using a stiff brush, remove the sweat once dry. This is the most user friendly method of cleaning the pad day to day.
  • We suggest weekly washing - in a front loader, COLD, use MELP and dry in the shade.
  • Do not leave in the sun to dry as you will damage the sheepskin fibres.  
  • Do not under any circumstances wash the saddle pad in a top loader with agitator.

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