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MT Professional Dressage Boots "Design your Own"

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At Hufglocken we LOVE these boots if you are after a sheepskin lining option. This is because by using the system of liners you can wash/wear very easily! Please note you can purchase separate sheepskin liners should you require. 

These boots were developed in close cooperation with Klaus Balkenhol specifically for dressage work

• The Boots feature a Hard Shell made from highly resistant ABS plastic, only on the inside“, covered with calf leather.
• The Hard Shells are designed not to touch the fetlock joint. The lower edges of the shell are wide enough not to touch the fetlock.
• The outside area of the fetlock joint is left completely open.
• The boots come with a detachable lambskin lining, this avoids any pressure points and friction, it also absorbs sweat.
• The edges of the boots must not overlap when closing!

Our design ensures completely free movement of the joint. There is no need for protection at the outside of the joint in Dressage, therefore it is best to have nothing there. On the inside, the Hard Shell is absolutely essential.

*IMPORTANT* There is a possibility of dye bleeding from dark or bright coloured skin onto light coloured quilt. A slight staining is possible from dark or bright coloured wool onto the hair of gray horses. Fading of the wools surface is also possible. This is due to the composition of the horses’ sweat, which can be different from horse to horse. The same applies to dark and bright dyes on saddle leathers.