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Tendon Boot Sizing


  • Please consider your horses breed and heaviness - you know your horse best.
  • There is no difference in style between front  hind
 Height Front Pair Hind Pair
12.2hh & under XS XS
12.2hh -14hh XS S
14hh - 14.2hh S M
14.2hh - 15.2hh M L
15.2hh - 16.2hh L XL
16.2hh + XL XL
Heavy Breeds or 18hh XXL XXL




    Size (Sizing in CM/Approximate) A B C
    XS (2 Straps) 22cm 22cm 30cm
    S (2 Straps) 26cm 28cm 36cm
    M (2 Straps) 29cm 31cm 36cm
    L (3 Straps) 31cm 32cm 39cm
    XL (3 Straps) 33cm 33cm 39cm
    XXL (3 Straps) 34cm 37cm 43cm