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Hufglocken FAQ

What size is my horse?

EA Mattes Sizing Chart :

Bell boots :

Generally (Measurements here)

11.2hh -14hh - S Bell Boots

14hh - 14.2hh - M Bell Boots

14.2hh - 15.2hh - L Bell Boots

15.2hh - 16 hh + - XL Bell Boots


Tendon boots :

Generally (Measurements here)

up to 12.2hh - XS Front/XS Hind

12.2hh -14hh - XS Front/S Hind

14hh - 14.2hh - S Front/M Hind

14.2hh - 15.2hh - M Front/L Hind

15.2hh - 16.2hh - L Front /XL Hind

16.2hh + - XL Front/XL Hinds



Please see this link re sizing

Please see this link re shape

Unsure? Please email us


Saddle Pad Care

  • Once sweat is dry, keep in good condition each day by brushing with a "Magic Brush" to remove dried sweat.
  • Machine washing in a top loader is not advisable, the agitator does have a tendency to catch on the sheepskin and tear the fibres when wet.
  • In a Front Loader - Place in a washing bag, gentle cycle, cold water using MELP. Please note woolwash or other liquids will dry out and damage your saddle pad. DO NOT wash with bleach solution or leave to soak.
  • For pads being used day to day -  it is easiest to hose the cotton whilst wet and brush the sheepskin section once dry.
  • Dry out of direct sunlight. 


    Bell Boot & Brushing Boot Care

    Please don't machine wash boots with rhinestones or glitter detail as the agitation will damage them - just hose off after the horse. 

    Hose of the outer if muddy/sandy along with your horse. Treat the patent outer with care - a quick brush using soapy water will be all they need. Dry in the shade.

    It is not advisable to wash in the machine as horse people seem to think this means jamming in with girths, halters etc. etc. Please don't! If you absolutely must - place in a washing bag, cool, front loader and on the gentlest cycles (Aka like you wash delicates!).  Make sure you do all the hook/loop up! Simply twist the elastic and voila! You can fold the strap back up to it's furry side on the boot. 

    Treat your Hufglocken products with care...and they will love you back!! :)



    Any issues? Please email us


    I would like to order products for my team, can I get a discount?

    Sure! Please email us - We very proud to outfit many Show Horse teams and Dressage stables.


    Can I get sponsorship?

    At present we are not seeking to participate in sponsorship arrangements of any kind with individuals or organisations.