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Behind the brand

Annalisa, the founder and creative director of Hufglocken, established the brand driven by both passion and necessity. The inspiration behind Hufglocken came when her beloved young horse, "Encore," would frequently pull shoes, prompting the search for the perfect bell boot. (A special shoutout to the farrier for the suggestion all those years ago!) In the early days, Annalisa personally crafted many of the products & her creations gained popularity among friends and customers. Those original designs hold a special place in the hearts of many customers!

As the brand grew, Annalisa's was finding it tricky to keep production in house whilst working as a Chartered accountant. This shift of production allowed her designs and ideas to flourish. Among her new creations were sheepskin-lined saddle pads, born out of the necessity to keep cold-backed horses comfortable and maintain consistent feel from training to the show ring or dressage arena—essential, especially when dealing with somewhat spicy horses. 

To cater to diverse customer needs, Hufglocken also introduced select European brands into their product mix. However, the journey has not been without challenges. The bushfires of 2019 followed by the global COVID pandemic in 2020 and beyond made for a uniquely demanding couple of years.

Nevertheless, Annalisa and the Hufglocken team look ahead with excitement, eager to reintroduce some of their tried and tested designs, as well as unveil new and innovative styles to serve their customers even better. The passion that fueled the brand's inception remains unwavering, and they continue to strive for excellence in meeting the equestrian community's needs.