E.A Mattes Core Range - Asymmetric 75cm QUILT Black/Black - Hufglocken

E.A Mattes Core Range - Asymmetric 75cm QUILT Black/Black

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 The Asymmetric Girth

  • Measurements are take from buckle to buckle. Please allow 1" in to your normal girth due to the sheepskin.
  • The buckles are elasticised with a small amount of "give" to allow your horse to be comfortable without the girth being over tightened. 
  • To best disperse and regulate pressure ideally you want the top of the girth as close as possible to the lower edge of your saddle flaps.
  • Best suited to horses with big shoulders and a narrow girth groove. Sometimes on these horses you'll notice the girth is pulling the saddle points forwards (when they should hang straight down). 
  • We recommend to purchase a spare cover so you can "wash" and "wear".

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like some advice. We are always happy to help. sales@hufglocken.com