Our top tips for quick Autumn grooming! 🍁🐴

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Our top tips for quick Autumn grooming! 🍁🐴

In Australia we are enjoying Autumn which we all know means it's often too cold to wash mud off before riding. Here's our top tips for quick grooming & having your horse looking well presented every ride. 

1 - Consider the best coat length for your horse. If you are riding regularly and your horse is getting very sweaty it can be a lot of work to cool & dry him down afterwards. A style such as a trace clip can be fantastic as it removes hair from areas that get sweaty whilst leaving the rest for warmth & protection in the paddock. 

2 - Use a tail spray - even if you don't have a tailbag on your horse, a spray like Cowboy Magic (our favourite!) will help with daily removing of mud/sticks/burs. 

3 - Wash your brushes! You can't groom a horse with dirty brushes - try washing your brushes regularly with a mild soap or your horses shampoo. In our stables we have a couple of the plastic style "magic brushes" on rotation daily.

4 - Hot towelling Not just reserved for the day spa this can be a great way of steam cleaning your horse. Especially if you don't have access to running hot water as this can be done with a bucket. It's very easy - just dip a towel in hot water & wring it out and then motion in circles on your horse. Also great if you like to use a linament after work. 

5 - Witch Hazel Dried on sweat marks can be removed using a cactus style mitt and a spray on stain remover. We love using witch hazel in the winter months for this- it's cheap and can be purchased at Coles/Woolworths etc. (PS keep a spray bottle of Witch Hazel in your fatmax for when you need to remove sweat marks between classes at a show...it's amazing!)

Happy Riding 🐴



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Debra Harrip
Debra Harrip

16 May 2019

Great tips – thank you!
I’d not thought of hot towelling. I’ll be using that tip daily this Winter.

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Please note all items within a order are sent together. If you are ordering preorder or custom items - the order will be sent when all are ready. 


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